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For many patients receiving dental care, the fear of pain, drilling, or separation from parents can be overwhelming.  Extensive dental work may also require patients to remain calm and still for impossibly long amounts of time.  We, as anesthesiologists, come to the dental office and provide a deeper level of sedation, eliminating all fears and ensuring that anxious patients can cooperate.  This allow the dentist to complete the dental care safely and efficiently.  

Deep sedation/general anesthesia is very safe when performed by an experienced anesthesiologist.  Although no procedure comes without any risks, we strive to minimize any risks and make safety a top priority.  We use state of the art monitoring to ensure the patient is asleep, comfortable, and safe during the whole procedure.  

The Oregon and Washington Dental Board and Medical Board tightly regulates who may provide dental anesthesia and enforces detailed, stringent standards stating who may provide dental anesthesia in the office.  We surpass these standards and use the most advanced, compact hospital grade equipment and monitors.  

If adequate dental care has been out of your reach due to age or anxiety, let us take care of you, safely and effectively.

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